ITES Secretariat has three subdivisions mandated to carry out its entire well thought out strategies. These subdivisions are: Human Resource, Skills and Capacity Building Division ICT/ITES SMEs Industry Support Division Investment Promotions Division.

Human Resource, Skills and Capacity Building

It is undoubtedly true that a nation's workforce is key to the total development effort of the nation. In recognition of this, the ITES Secretariat has mandated the Human Resource Skills and Capacity Building Division to take care of the implementation of the various strategies adopted in its bid to develop the nation's ITES/BPO workforce

ICT/ITES SMEs Industry Support

One of government's main efforts of developing the nation is to build a formidable industry in the country. As a result, the ITES Secretariat through its SMEs Support Unit, assist growing ICT/ITES companies in their effort to source funds and other technical support that will help them gain viable feet in the industry.

Investment Promotions

The ITES Secretariat is expected among others to project the image of Ghana on the global ITES/BPO market. In this regard ITES has resorted to the setting up of an Investment Promotions Division which has been tasked with the prime objective of projecting Ghana as a preferred ITES/BPO destination globally.

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