The ITES Secretariat is expected among others to project the image of Ghana on the global ITES/BPO market. In this regard ITES has resorted to the setting up of an Investment Promotions Division which has been tasked with the prime objective of projecting Ghana as a preferred ITES/BPO destination globally.

The objectives of the ITES Secretariat include but not limited to the following:

  • Developing cooperation with all relevant agencies and institutions in government so as to ensure involvement of government in all levels as well as facilitate communication and feedback between investors and government.

  • Ensure development of necessary infrastructure with regards telecom, real estate, power, technology parks etc.

  • Providing investment facilitating services both pre and post investment including facilitating the process of business registration, real estate provision, provision of necessary information related to Ghana's business environment, legal advise and other matters , facilitating site visits , post investment review and feedback .

  • Creating a positive international image of Ghana as an attractive location for ITES BPO investment through sustained marketing and promotion activities.

  • Providing support to the Ministry of Communications in developing an ITES BPO Policy.

  • Developing an accreditation mechanism and introduce standardization into ICT/ITES Training and Human Resource Development of Ghana.

  • Liaise with governments, embassies, multilateral agencies, government officials and institutions for investment in the ICT/ITES sector.

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    ITES Annual Report 2011-2012